Is Hugo Car Insurance Available in My State? A Comprehensive Guide

Car insurance is a required cost for drivers, but standard insurance plans can feel strict and expensive, especially for those who don’t drive frequently. Thankfully, new companies like Hugo are offering pay-as-you-go car insurance options that cater to this unique need. But before getting on board, it’s important to understand if Hugo works in your state.

Limited Availability: Not Nationwide (Yet)

While Hugo’s unique approach to car insurance is appealing, it’s important to note that it’s not offered in every state. As of today, Hugo is still increasing its reach, and its services are limited to a select number of states.

Finding Out if Hugo Operates in Your State

Here’s how you can quickly determine if Hugo offers its services in your area:

  • Visit Hugo’s Website: Hugo’s website offers clear information about their availability. Look for a part describing their service areas or utilize a zip code finding tool to see if your location is covered.
  • Contact Hugo’s Customer Support: If the website isn’t clear, their helpful customer support team can answer your questions clearly. You can reach them through a phone call or online chat.

Alternatives if Hugo Isn’t Available

If Hugo isn’t an option in your state, worry not! Here are some options to consider:

  • Traditional Car Insurance Providers: Traditional insurance companies offer different coverage plans, allowing you to tailor your policy to your wants and budget. While not as open as pay-as-you-go choices, they provide complete security.
  • Other Pay-As-You-Go Car Insurance Options (if available in your state): The pay-as-you-go car insurance market is changing. Research other companies offering similar deals in your state.

Benefits of Using Hugo Car Insurance (if available)

If Hugo works in your state, here are some strong reasons to consider their service:

  • Cost-Effectiveness for Low Mileage Drivers: For those who drive rarely, Hugo’s pay-per-day plan can lead to significant cost saves compared to traditional monthly rates. Imagine only paying for car insurance when you actually need it, similar to how you pay for your gym registration!
  • Flexibility in Coverage Periods: Hugo allows you to choose your coverage length, from a single day to a full month. This freedom is ideal for casual drivers, weekend warriors, or those who shift between driving and using public transportation.
  • User-Friendly Mobile App: Everything from handling your policy to making payments can be done easily through Hugo’s user-friendly mobile app. It improves the insurance experience, putting power at your hands.

Considerations Before Choosing Hugo Car Insurance

While Hugo offers a unique answer, here are some important things to consider before making a decision:

  • Limited Coverage Options Compared to Traditional Insurance: Hugo mainly focuses on basic liability coverage. If you require more complete coverage, such as accident or theft protection, you might need to look elsewhere.
  • Not Available in All States (reiterate): Remember, Hugo’s supply is currently limited. Double-check their service areas before getting your thoughts up.
  • Potential Impact on Future Insurance Rates (if applicable): As mentioned earlier, using a pay-as-you-go company like Hugo might affect your future car insurance rates with standard companies. Some insurers might view breaks in coverage unfavorably. It’s wise to ask with possible standard insurance about their rules regarding past pay-as-you-go coverage.

Finding the Right Fit: Weighing Your Options

Ultimately, the best car insurance choice relies on your individual driving habits and wants. If you’re a low-mileage driver who values freedom and cost-effectiveness, Hugo could be a great fit. However, if you require complete coverage or drive frequently, standard insurance might be a better choice.


Hugo’s innovative pay-as-you-go car insurance offers an appealing option for low-mileage drivers wanting freedom and cost. However, its restricted supply and service choices make it crucial to assess your wants and explore all possibilities before making a decision. By considering the factors mentioned above, you can easily choose the car insurance plan that best fits your situation.


1. How much does Hugo car insurance cost?

Hugo’s price is based on a daily rate, so the exact cost relies on how often you drive and the service you choose. However, they usually cater to low-mileage cars and promote cost saves compared to standard monthly rates.

2. What types of coverage does Hugo offer?

Hugo mainly focuses on basic insurance coverage, which meets state minimum standards. They might offer additional coverage choices in the future, but for now, it’s best suited for drivers who don’t require comprehensive or accident protection.

3. Is Hugo car insurance legitimate?

Yes, Hugo is a real car insurance business registered in the states where they operate. They are dedicated to offering open and reasonable insurance options for qualified drivers.

4. How do I cancel my Hugo car insurance policy?

Hugo puts itself on user-friendliness. Cancellations can likely be done straight through their mobile app, giving you maximum control over your service.

5. Will using Hugo car insurance affect my credit score?

Using Hugo is unlikely to directly affect your credit score in the same way traditional car insurance payments might. However, some insurance companies might ask about breaks in coverage when calculating future rates. It’s best to check with possible future insurers about their rules regarding pay-as-you-go coverage past.

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